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Transforming Care Inc. was created to be a catalyst for building caring communities. Our name, “Transforming Care,” represents our belief that authentic caregiving relationships are transformative, and also that we need to work towards transforming the way we care in order to experience equitable, mutual relationships among caregivers and care receivers. 

In 2016 a small group of fiercely hopeful people gathered to form a nonprofit, Transforming Care, with a mission to facilitate the creation of sustainable supports for individuals who need long term care, their families, and caregivers.  We are parents of people with developmental disabilities and people with extensive professional experience in providing care for families and people with disabilities.   We chose our name, Transforming Care, to convey our belief that with care it is possible to transform the lives of both caregivers and care receivers through mutually empowering, authentic relationships.   We imagine a future when all persons with disabilities and those who are aging are fully included and meaningfully engaged in mutually satisfying relationships based on an appreciation of the strengths and gifts we offer each other.  

We wanted to see a Culture of Care develop in the Western New York area so we can become more aware of, attentive, and responsive to the needs of our most vulnerable people needing long term care. Prior to 2019, we were meeting with small groups of people to promote the idea of creating small intentional communities of care. We received an enthusiastic  response. 

Sadly, the pandemic forced us to pause. We are now reigniting our efforts to build a more caring community.  We recently received a grant from the Tower Foundation and are hiring our first part-time Community Facilitator to move us toward our goal of creating Intentional Communities of Care. 


Developing a viable structure to create a culture of care takes time, treasure and talent. We believe that we will achieve success through partnerships with faith communities and local colleges where we can share mutually beneficial resources to care for our most vulnerable people.  

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