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Group of Friends


Our intentional, inclusive communities of care create a sense of belonging and support for people with disabilities and their caregivers

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“Institutions provide services, care is given from the heart of an abundant community." -- John McKnight and Peter Block

The unique element of Spirituality underpins each of the following practices. 


We welcome people of all faiths along with people of no faith.  We believe that it is important for people to have a way of expressing their spirituality in ways that are meaningful to them. 

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Essential Practices



“May the idea of accompaniment go with you on your own journeys, wherever they may lead you." -- Paul Farmer


The practice of accompaniment is grounded in the belief that there is power in mutual relationships.  The intentional presence of another who walks with, listens, and responds to us can be transformative.  This is the basis on which Transforming Care was founded.  We are creating spaces where mutual relationships can help us overcome the effects of isolation that so often accompany disability.  Mutuality in relationships occurs when we extend ourselves to another and are also receptive to the impact from another. Mutuality in relationships appears when there is emotional availability, empathy and concern flowing both ways.




“I don't believe in charity. I believe in solidarity. Charity is so vertical. It goes from the top to the bottom. Solidarity is horizontal. It respects the other person. I have a lot to learn from other people.” -- Eduardo Galeano


Engagement is foundational to a Community of Care- Social Engagement-promoting quality interactions among people completing tasks, and Emotional Engagement -promoting interest, enjoyment, and a sense of belonging. Both social and emotional engagement increase our sense of purpose and build mutuality in relationships.  There is no limit to imagination.  Participation in the arts, allows people with disabilities to contribute to their communities, creating a culture representative of all people.    By providing experiences in the visual, musical, and cooking arts where people with and without disabilities can enjoy creating together, we have meaningful shared opportunities for relationship building. Artistic expression provides opportunities for emotional expression and the expansion of our personal and interconnected identities.  Please watch our calendar for upcoming events.



“True Christians never circle the wagons; they make the circle bigger. We prophetically embrace the hospitality that embraces the other. It is about inclusion, bridging the distance between us (so) that there is no daylight separating us and we have the widest tolerance between the self and others.”  -- Gregory Boyle 


Our Soup Saturdays and Pizza with the Pastors are meant to build relationships and develop a sense of community among people who need care, give and those who are interested in supporting people who give and need care.  We welcome all who want to learn more about creating a culture of care in Western New York.  Please visit our calendar in late Spring 2023 to see our schedule.


Radical Kinship     


“If you go to the margins to make a difference, it’s about you. If you go the margins for them to make you different it’s about us.” -- Gregory Boyle


Supporting home care is central to our community of care. Our commitment to home care extends to encouraging individuals, couples, and families to consider becoming part of a shared living network, opening their homes to a person with a developmental disability when that person’s family can no longer care for them.  We welcome interested people to attend our events and meetings to learn more about opening their hearts and homes to our most vulnerable people.




“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”-- Mahatma Gandhi


Carly’s Cents for Socks began in 2015. Inspired by Carly Switalski who loves socks, it was created to give people with disabilities an opportunity to experience a sense of purpose through volunteer work.  We collect money and new socks from various faith and community organizations and local businesses to buy socks and donate them to people in need through the Response to Love Center in Buffalo New York. You can donate through www.gofundme/2021Carly’s Cents for Socks.  Please contact if you wish to volunteer.


We are also providing service-learning opportunities for local students. Service learning is a strategy that connects academic curriculum to community problem-solving. Through meaningful community service integrated with instruction and reflection, students learn civic responsibility and through their participation, strengthen communities.

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