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Transforming Care is aligned and actively involved with the following organizations to promote social justice for those who give and receive care.

ARISE (Acceptance, Respect, Inclusion, Support and Equity) 


Formed in 2015, the VOICE Buffalo Accessibility-Disability Task Force, or ADTF was in created response to the need for greater access to jobs and services for people with disabilities.  In 2021 the name was changed to ARISE to best describe the mission of the organization.  A.R.I.S.E. of WNY is a group of directly impacted advocates, activists, and allies who lead conversations and push for policies that create a community of equity and inclusion of people with disabilities. ARISE collaborates and educates to build positive community connections, encourage, and create meaningful change. Our core value is that we, the people, should have a voice in the services provided to us!

A Zoom Lunch and Learn, sponsored by ARISE, about Transforming Care’s Primary Initiatives is planned for Spring 2023.  Watch for upcoming date and details.


The Caring Majority 


The Caring Majority is a movement of people with disabilities, seniors, family caregivers, homecare workers and care advocates fighting for universal long-term care, dignified care jobs and support for family caregivers.


Currently we are joining ARISE and the Caring Majority to advocate for Fair Pay for home care.


Vital Facts about Home Care:


  • Family caregivers in the US spent 36 billion hours caring for adults with chronic, disabling, or serious health conditions in 2021, amounting to an estimated $600 billion in unpaid caregiving work.

  • Many family caregivers face the dual demands of employment and caregiving responsibilities

  • By 2034, adults age 65-plus will outnumber children under the age of 18, and the share of available family caregivers is projected to continue shrinking

  • There is a serious home care workers shortage in New York and throughout the country and it is only going to worsen.

  • Nearly 1 million New Yorkers will require home care by 2035.

  • With no wage increase the home care worker shortage will be 1.47 million by 2035!


[Data from AARP publication Valuing the Invaluable: 2023 Update

Strengthening Supports for Family Caregivers and a 2023 report from FPI)

Staffing Crisis 

Friends of L’Arche Buffalo and WNY is working with A.R.I.S.E WNY, Voice Buffalo and the Caring Majority to address the staffing crisis affecting people with developmental disabilities.  Caregiving is first and foremost relational-both caregivers and care receivers need to be equally respected and treated with dignity.

Down Syndrome Diagnosis Act 

A message from Chapman Bryant II, Policy & Advocacy Associate, National Down Syndrome Congress

The "Down Syndrome Diagnosis Act" (H.R. 6412) championed by Representatives Molinaro (R-NY-19) and Nikki Budzinski (D-IL-13) would mandate private health insurance companies to deliver up-to-date, evidence-based, and culturally sensitive information at the crucial moment of diagnosis.

This legislation was officially introduced on November 14, 2023, and the press release includes a quote from Cyrus, our former Director of Policy and Advocacy. This legislation would not have been made possible without the National Down Syndrome Congress. We will have press going out today on the bill thanking the offices. Please share with your contacts throughout the community.

The press release for both offices can be found below:

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