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The origins of Transforming Care

The night my daughter Carly was born I experienced a brief moment of clarity and hope, in the midst of the shock and grief of learning of her unanticipated diagnosis of Down syndrome. In that moment I knew that we shared a purpose that would grow in significance when Carly became an adult. It was that experience that sustained me through the many challenges we faced. Now that Carly is an adult we are realizing the purpose I felt in the moments following her birth.

Twelve years ago, prompted by Carly's persistent refusal to accept life in a congregated day habitation program, we asked, "What if Carly had the kind of supports that could create a good and meaningful life for her and our family?"

The answers to our question inspired Transforming Care.

There are still big questions to ask. Big questions require big answers. We invite you to join our crucial conversations to make compassionate caregiving an integral part of our culture and communities.

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