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Thank you for visiting our website.  We want to tell you about Transforming Care-what it means and what we are trying to accomplish.  We believe that care can be spiritually and emotionally transformative for both the caregiver and the care receiver.  That said, we realize that people who need care are often marginalized.  

What concerns us most is the social distance that exists around disability – how people with disabilities are often disconnected from or only loosely connected to the communities where they live.  Our dream is to end the social isolation so often experienced by those who need and also give care.

Transforming Care will be a catalyst for culture change by helping to promote caregiving practices based on authentic, meaningful relationships.  We will offer opportunities for people who need care to partner with individuals from their communities to engage in volunteer opportunities. We will support people who need and give care through retreats offering the opportunity to share and seek spiritual experiences for healing, renewal and revitalization We will organize calls to action that bring people together to explore innovative ideas for inclusive care.

We want to invest in and support communities of care that represent the vision and values we are committed to. We are forming a group to explore the creation of a L’Arche community in Buffalo NY as L’Arche represents the essence of transformative care.  Please see Blog and Resources Page for more information.

We ask that you join us on our mission.  We can offer you the opportunity to:

  • Learn from other’s successful practices

  • Share your experiences and aspirations and learn from other’s experiences

  • Explore available and possible options for care

  • Support Transforming Care’s special events to raise awareness and financial resources

An annual contribution of $25 or more will automatically make you a Member of Transforming Care, Inc. and will connect you with our Mission and Activities.

Please send your contributions to:

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