Are You:


  • A person with a disability or a person who is aging?

  • A family member or a friend of a person who needs support due to disability or aging?

  • A person who wants to see people who need long term care supported so they can access the critical social, spiritual, and material resources needed to thrive in their homes and communities?

  • An organization that wants to build on your capacity for person and family centered care in the context of meaningful caregiving practice?



Please consider joining Transforming Care. In this age of limited resources you can make a difference by becoming part of our initiatives to assure that people who need care can remain part of their communities while receiving support to live full, meaningful lives. You can become a member by contacting or calling  716-796-4037.

Transforming Care strives to assure your family member has a presence in their community where they can benefit from long term caring committed relationships.